Opening Pull Requests

Changes to Operator SDK are submitted via Github Pull Request (PR) to the relevant repository. Most PRs will be to the main Operator SDK repo.

PR Checklist

  1. Add tests for your change, and ensure they run and pass in CI.
  2. Add a changelog entry if necessary.
  3. Add relevant documentation.
  4. Rebase your commits on master and squash them into a single commit.
  5. Write a concise commit message that references the issue number.
  6. Push your commit to your fork and open a pull request.


Before a pull request can be merged, tests must pass in CI and it must be reviewed. A PR must be approved by 2 reviewers, one of which must be at least at least a reviewer and one of which must be at least an approver, per the Operator Framework community guidelines.

Please feel free to message the developers to get eyes on your PR, whether through @‘ing on the PR itself, the #operator-sdk-dev channel on Kubernetes slack, or by attending the Operator SDK triage meeting.

Last modified January 26, 2023: Add docs for PR process. (#6264) (ce1159d2)