Add the manager config patch to config/default/kustomization.yaml

The scaffolded --config flag was not added to either ansible-/helm-operator binary when config file support was originally added, so does not currently work. The --config flag supports configuration of both binaries by file; this method of configuration only applies to the underlying controller manager, not the operator as a whole. To optionally configure the operator’s Deployment with a config file, make the following update to config/default/kustomization.yaml:

# If you want your controller-manager to expose the /metrics # endpoint w/o any authn/z, please comment the following line. 
- manager_auth_proxy_patch.yaml 
+# Mount the controller config file for loading manager configurations 
+# through a ComponentConfig type 
+- manager_config_patch.yaml 

This feature is opt-in: flags can be used as-is or to override config file values.

See #4776 for more details.

Deprecate support for packagemanifests.

The operator-framework is removing support for the packagemanifests format in the near future. Hence, operator-sdk generate packagemanifests and operator-sdk run packagemanifests commands are deprecated. In order to migrate packagemanifests to bundles, operator-sdk pkgman-to-bundle command can be used. Run operator-sdk pkgman-to-bundle --help for more details.

See #4838 for more details.

(go/v3, ansible/v1, helm/v1) Move leases.coordination.k8s.io to its own proxy-role rule

Make the following changes to config/rbac/leader_election_role.yaml:

rules: \- apiGroups:
  - ""
-  - coordination.k8s.io
  - configmaps
+ verbs: 
+- get 
+- list 
+- watch 
+- create 
+- update 
+- patch 
+- delete 
+- apiGroups: 
+- coordination.k8s.io 
+ resources:
    - leases
    - get

See #4835 for more details.

(go/v3) Set the Makefile’s SHELL variable to the system’s bash binary

Importing setup-envtest.sh needs bash, so your Makefile’s SHELL variable should be set to bash with error options:

else GOBIN=$(shell go env GOBIN)
+# Setting SHELL to bash allows bash commands to be executed by recipes. 
+# This is a requirement for 'setup-envtest.sh' in the test target. 
+# Options are set to exit when a recipe line exits non-zero or a piped command fails. 
+SHELL = /usr/bin/env bash -o pipefail 
+ all: build 

See #4835 for more details.

Last modified April 30, 2021: Release v.1.7.0 (#4854) (d5516820)